You are just one choice a way from a completely new life.

I'm Dr. Rima Bonario and I am a dream-weaver, soul-coach, and wild-heart healer.
I lovingly support women in shifting out of a life of fear and frustration into a life they love.

Get Ready.
Change is coming. 

And I'll be with you every step of the way...


It's my passion to help you to live a life that is fun, flirty, and fulfilling
as well as powerful and productive.

In my mid-twenties I was stuck in a deeply unsatisfying marriage to a man who drank too much. He was good looking and popular, and at first I felt like I won the lottery. But pretty early on I could see problems. Our schedules meant we only spent time together on the weekend. And when we were together, he was deeply critical. We had struggles connecting in the bedroom and different ideas about money. But worst of all, when I asked him to come with me to get help for our relationship, he told me he wasn’t interested in personal growth.

It was everything I had hoped to avoid – and yet this was my life.
I felt like I was dying in slow motion and I didn’t know what to do about it.

Everything shifted for me when I got it, really got it, that if I could change myself and then my life, I no longer had to be held hostage by circumstances and people that felt beyond my control. I knew it couldn’t wait a moment longer to get started.

But to be successful I had to find the secret ingredient to making the change last.

That secret ingredient was finding kind and compassionate support. Someone who was there when I needed them, who could help me make the shifts I desperately needed and wanted to make but seemed unable to do on my own.

Life significantly improved for me. Eventually, I remarried and raised a beautiful daughter. As my daughter grew I went back to school and earned a doctorate in Transformational Psychology. My career bloomed as I created and managed three successful businesses. Life was wonderful and busy. Overly busy, really.

Enter a new kind of dilemma...

Like many "women of a certain age," I hit a point in my life when the old nose-to-the-grindstone way of pushing through and postponing my self-care was no longer an option. My body, heart, and soul rebelled. No matter how hard my mind tried to get me to work on my to-do's, I just couldn't. Everything in me was demanding a new way forward. I was lucky enough to find it before I did irreparable damage to my body, my business, and my relationship.

Are you facing a similar rebellion of body, heart, and soul?
If so, I may have a few answers for you.

Whether it's shifting your relationship or the where and how you work, I am can guide you through this time of uncertainty with care and compassion and practical break-through steps.

You deserve to live a life you love!

I believe that all of us have the wisdom inside of us to craft a life we love. But most of us are so drained by the living of the life we don’t want that we hardly have any energy left to imagine, let alone create, the life we want.

It can take tremendous amounts of energy to break the patterns of thoughts and behaviors that keep us stuck in the same loop of life. But once you know the source code, the origin of the patterns in play that led you into the swamp, the pathway out becomes clear and the shift can happen miraculously and even magically!

I use transformational techniques and time-tested tools to reveal the underlying causes of our life’s pain points so we can shift from tolerating dysfunction to charting our own course – quickly.

If you are in a watershed moment, knowing you must make a change now. I am here to help.

Together we will locate the smallest and most potent shifts that will bring about deep relief. And I will help you act on the leverage points that offer exponential results with minimum disruption.

There’s no need to stumble your way through it on your own when you can have caring and supportive guidance from someone who has been there.

In a nutshell I can help you:

Your life will be transformed, if you will allow it.
With a little help you can not only allow it, but enthusiastically embrace it.

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We wild women know we are not perfect. And we don’t mind.
We own our magnificence, but are not fooled.
We acknowledge our shadows, but are not controlled by them.

I use a variety of tools including coaching and counseling techniques, as well as more potent processes that include elements of myth and archetypes, ritual and ceremony, Soul/shadow work, energy work and tantric healing to help women weave their inner truths into their outer realities.

I am a Dream Weaver, and I would be honored to help you
weave your dreams into reality.

Unleash Yourself!
Because if you don't, no one else will.