"Never apologize for burning too brightly or collapsing into yourself every night.
That is how galaxies are made."
-Tyler Kent White

With the heat of the summer behind us and the holidays looming, October is that delicious window when the air is crisp, the kids are in school, and there’s finally time for you!

A group of amazing and intentional women are gathering together purely for the purpose of renewal, reflection, and creating magic in our lives. And YOU will be there! This is full two-day experience of self-expression, self-care, relationship building and bold promises to yourself.

Your only job is to bring your curiosity and sense of play.

If you’ve been dreaming of a consciousness shift in your life; if you’re ready to experience more sanity, clarity and self-love – and maybe just a little more daily awesome - then it’s time to make a commitment to YOU and join us for this Kansas City area urban Bliss Camp!

Let's push the reset button together!

Get ready for a fun, flirty, and fabulous weekend...

We will pamper and nurture you.
We will inspire and uplift you.
We will support and celebrate you.


Click the Videos below to watch Cyndi and Rima dish on all things Bliss...

As women, we hold a powerful reservoir of energy and potency within our bodies, and that energy doesn’t go away as we age. It pools. And if we let it, it can overflow in delicious and powerful ways.

Our promise to you? As you leave bliss camp and head home back into your world, you can expect to have:

  • Renewed awareness and appreciation for your body
  • Freedom from the emotional and energetic blocks to your wholeness
  • Support from an amazing circle of smart, supportive, inspiring women as your new sister-friends
  • Connection to the characteristics that make you uniquely you
  • Ownership over your voice to speak your ultimate truth with power and delight
  • Exuberance for life, feeling loved up, tapped in and turned on - BIG TIME!
  • New-found GOLD to give others as you are a force for transformation in your own life!

Your Bliss Camp Experience Includes:

Two Nights Shared Lodging (private space is available if desired)
Welcome Happy Hour Cocktails & Mocktails
Delicious and Elegant Meals: Friday evening through Sunday morning
A Goody Bag of Wondrous Delights!
A Fabulous Assortment of Perks, Play, & Pampering
A Weekend of Transformational FUN!

Save your place for just $475
Or choose three payments of $160

Your Hostesses for the Weekend

Sitting on steps

Cyndi SwallBliss Mentor

I am a Coach, a Speaker and a Bliss Mentor. Yet before all that, I am a woman, a mom, a lover, a friend, body, mind and soul…and all the things that come with that. That’s important because I coach from that place: real world, kinda messy, super caffeinated problem solving in the wild!

A child of the sixties and seventies, I was raised by teenagers during the era of “if it feels good, do it,” with very little structure. While it was great fun, I was grossly unprepared to take on the responsibilities of an adult - so I share with you my wisdom born of pain. Like many of you, I have experienced the hardship of single parenting, wondering how I would pay the rent and struggling to figure out where I fit in the world. What I’ve learned is that the journey takes on a gratifying new level of “kick-butt” when you leverage those lessons to take you higher rather than be the story that wears you down. Humor, focused intention and good old fashioned accountability are the tools I use to make this happen in my life and in yours!

Photo on 10-1-19 at 10.52 AM #4

Rima Bonario, Dream Weaver & Soul Coach

I'm a Coach, Teacher, Speaker & Confidant. Like many "women of a certain age," I hit a point in my life when the old nose-to-the-grindstone way of pushing through and postponing my self-care was no longer an option. My body, heart, and soul rebelled. No mater how hard my mind tried to get me to work on my to-do's, I just couldn't. Everything in me was demanding a new way forward. I was lucky enough to find it before I did irreparable damage.

My doctorate is in Transformational Psychology and I’ve been working in personal development for just over two decades. In the last five years, I’ve been concentrating on working with women in mid-life, primarily because I’m a woman in mid-life! Using the Divine Feminine and her various archetypes, I support of women on this path of awakening as they craft a life equal to their heart's imagining. Nothing gives me more pleasure than watching women find their inner guidance and feeling free enough to act on it.

We have some special surprises for you on the weekend. Here's a sneak peak!

Also joining us will be Sophie Marie Yancy...Sophie will help us move our bodies and shake things up a bit! Ya...you're gonna love it!


Join us for Urban Glam Bliss Camp

Nestled quietly on the edge of Kansas City’s Historic West Bottoms, your home for the weekend is located in the newly renovated Dye Candy Warehouse lofts, within walking distance of urban wineries, award-winning restaurants and endless options for fun, quirky shops and vintage finds. Where Hipsters vibe and antique shoppers thrive. No longer an insider secret, there's never a shortage of history to discover or treasures to find in this popular historic district that in many ways embodies the past, present an future of cosmopolitan Kansas City.

We’ve reserved two complete floors of Dye Candy Warehouse to allow for plenty of room – because you know, real transformation needs its space! What could be more blissful than a chilled Cosmo (or mocktail) with your new besties overlooking the spectacular cityscape and just taking care of you…

The Schedule

Registration begins at 4pm
You’ll be greeted with a happy hour of chilled Cosmos (or mocktails) and noshes
Check into your space and get outta’ those work clothes

  • Heart Opening at 6-ish
  • Introductions
  • Set Intentions for the retreat
  • Get into chill mode

Enjoy a tasty dinner prepared by

  • After Dinner: Unleash Your Voice
  • Roommate Check-ins and Journaling

Morning Stretch with a hit of Java - Sunrise Coffee Yoga
Enjoy a delish breakfast to fuel you for a day of transformation

  • Sh!t Gets Real (FUN)!
  • It's time to Claim Your Vision
  • Relaxing Time
  • Stand Your Ground: Build a foundation for ease and flow.

Lunch: Gourmet Soup Kitchen

After Lunch - Where the Magic Happens...

  • Embrace Your Power - an interactive journey
  • Relaxing Time
  • Own Your Body - find the untapped feminine superpower within you

Dinner: Sumptuous Food & Fare

OPTIONAL: After Dinner Carousing and Live Music at The Ship*

Night Meditation

Morning Movement with a Sexy Twist
Our hips won't lie as we shake it up!

  • Live Your Dream - tools and inspiration to make your dreams a reality
  • Coming Together - Making connections that last

Closing & Check Out

Looks like a Blast! I'm In...

Here's What You get:

Two Nights Shared Lodging (private space is available if desired)
Welcome Happy Hour Cocktails & Mocktails
Delicious and Elegant Meals: Friday evening through Sunday morning
A Goody Bag of Wondrous Delights!
A Fabulous Assortment of Perks, Play, & Pampering
A Weekend of Transformational FUN!

Register with one Payment

Register with Three Payments


"This weekend was so good for my soul. If you know it's time to charge your own batteries, but you've been letting the needs of others be your priority, give yourself the gift of Bliss Camp. I went home so refreshed and pampered and excited for what's next!"

This was the perfect event at the perfect time! I laughed. I cried. I felt so much love and acceptance." 

"I left Bliss Camp with tools for happiness and peace of mind that I still tap into every day. I can't wait for the next event!"

"Bliss is a great description of this experience.  I only regret that I waited so long to register. There was only one spot left and it saddens me to think I almost missed out!"

"I'm an introvert, so I was a little worried about having to disclose personal things with strangers, but the environment felt so safe and chill. Cyndi put us at ease immediately. And the other women were amazing. I wasn't forced to engage in anything I didn't want to, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I wanted to share. I made friends that weekend I'll have forever!"