A Magical Summer Thing

When I was a kid I always found summers to be this crazy combination of boring and magical. There was a whole lot of nothing to do. As a kid, that was frustrating. There was only so much TV I could watch before I felt stifled by the sameness. Eventually I would take to the outdoors and have to create my own entertainment with friends or alone. When I think back on it, I am amazed by what my little self found to do: climbing crab apple trees, sitting on the big green box warming in the sun, or swinging on the willow tress until we stripped all the branches of their tiny, tender leaves. And so much more…

Recently I was contacted by a childhood friend on Facebook. She wrote me this note, “You lived on Craig Street in London, and had a cabinet with a sink in it in your bedroom. I thought that was the coolest thing. Well, that and the fact you were born in Hawaii. That was cool too. I had family who lived across the street in the apartments, and I would visit on weekends. You and I used to collect ‘treasures’ (junk) from the edges of the apartment parking lot.”

I read her note and was instantly transported back to those hours of searching for treasures with Brenda. It was exhilarating finding shiny objects, bits of electronics, or broken jewelry. Sometimes I would work them into art pieces gluing these found treasures on paper.

 (My brother, sister and me – around the time I played with Brenda)

The whole world seemed as though it was there for me to enjoy, and once I got over being frustrated and bored and accepted that it was up to me to create my fun, it became easier. I had no idea that choosing between the TV (watching someone else’s imagination on screen) and playing outside (where my own imagination led the way) would turn out to be exquisite training for creating magical experiences as an adult.

Sometimes as adults when we are weighed down by our day-to-day obligations, we forget that we are the ones who must create our fun, our joy, our magic. We can tell ourselves we have to wait until some better time. But how can there possibly be a better time to create magic than RIGHT NOW? Have you forgotten how powerful a creator you are?

As this summer begins to swing into full gear, my hope is that you know it is NEVER too late to get your magic on. There are so many fun ways to engage with the world, whether that’s time in a park reading a good book, making your own artwork, or stepping into a class that calls to your soul.

I am super excited about how my summer is shaping up! My family is making a move from the mid-west to Las Vegas where my daughter was invited to attend a nationally ranked performing arts high school. How’s that for some magic!

And, I have just signed up to work with a new teacher over the summer with a powerful focus on manifesting. I am happiest when sitting in circle learning from fellow sisters and growing more fully into my soul. On top of that, I am thrilled to offer a powerful opportunity that can support you in bringing more miracles, mystery, and magic to your life. Perhaps one will be just right for you.

No matter what you choose, I challenge you to make a commitment to yourself to be the source of your own joy, and open to meet the world and all it has to offer you! There really is no better time than now.

Hit reply and let me know how you plan to have a magical summer!