Notes from Las Vegas Quarantine

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I reentered the country, home from leading the most mystical, magical and miraculous journey through Egypt!

After struggling to find flights home, being stranded at the airport, followed by 33+ hours of travel, I arrived in Las Vegas on Thursday, March 19 at 10:00 p.m. Thus began my 14-days of self-quarantine. I have yet to hug my husband or daughter.

But I am one of the lucky ones. I have help. I have hope.

And I have the gift of time to integrate the powerful experiences I had in Egypt. More on that in another blog!


My first three days are a blur of sleep and pain. My back and body feel broken. Like I have been run over by a Mac Truck. I worry that I have the Virus. In my stupor I decide that if I do, I am honored to be of service by producing anti-bodies and helping with herd immunity.

I reach out to my local provider to see if I can get tested. No, they say. I don't have the right symptoms.

So I settle in...

Thoughts from Vegas Self-Quarantine (Day 4)

I just took a hot bath in the rose and red amber oil I brought home from Egypt. The rose oil is for the heart chakra (grief, emotional life, lungs, breath, relationships). The red amber is for the root chakra (safety, certainty, care, resources, fear). I also added some eucalyptus for open breathing.

In the bath, with the help of these oils, I was finally able to open up to my feelings of grief and cry.

There’s not too much content behind my tears. I’m not afraid for myself or frustrated with quarantining or even feeling grief over not being able to touch my family. It’s more like opening my heart to cry for the earth and for humanity. Opening up my lungs to breathe for the earth and for all humanity.

We have been choking ourselves and our planet with pollutants for a long while. We are living in a time of slavery to our imbalances. I see this at the micro-level in my own life and at the macro-level of course. As my Egyptian teacher Gamal (5th generation alchemist and essential oils crafter) taught us, this slavery to imbalance can be found in both the light and mundane realms. (He pointedly asks all students I bring him: Are you a light slave? Meaning if we lose ourselves in service to others we become part of the problem.)

No matter who we are and what we focus on, if we are out of balance in our approach to our work and to life, we are contributing to this lethal imbalance.

As I typed those last words my chest contracted. I have contributed to this worldly imbalance in how I have lived my life. As I breathe through this contraction I reject shame and backward looking. I commit to slowing down and breathing. I see even the rush to be of service can create additional imbalance. So I’m asking: How would working in a slow rhythm look and feel. The rhythm that matches long, slow breaths? The pace of trees?

I don’t know yet, but I’m excited to see what I can learn about this idea.

I am heartened to see the earth responding to the slowing of human activity and the reduction of pollution. I imagine many humans and animals are also benefiting.

I commit to slowing my own breathing cycle, my own CO2 emissions. Using each breath to the fullest.

I’ll stop there. This is getting long. Those are my thoughts in this moment...

I can hear the sound of sanitation workers picking up trash at 6:32 am. No longer a noisy nuisance but a comfort. I breathe. I put more rose oil on my chest and let the tears flow again.


Opened the door so I could see my husband standing 10 feet away. He looks so good I cried!

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Notes from Vegas Self-Quarantine (Day 6)

So today I woke up with a lot of energy and motivation to focus on getting the sacred oils from Egypt out into the world. I have been working since 6:30 a.m. on packaging for the new set of higher chakra oils, as well as a new set of Wellbeing oils.

Now I am running out of steam.

I am going to stop and bathe, eat something and then nap or watch something entertaining.

I am committed to this new, slower way of working. I am listening. I am noticing that I feel nauseated when I think about doing some aspects of my work. I am guessing those parts are going to need to go away.

I am also feeling emboldened to do things I have wanted to do but was afraid - such as dressing more eccentrically, getting a big new tattoo or painting my home with wild colors (those last two will have to wait).

Taking stock. Cutting away the unnecessary. Leaning more deeply into greater authenticity. These are the things that I feel called into.

I recored a 3-part video download of my journey to Egypt and my work with the alchemical energies there. If you are interested in receiving the transmission of The Egyptian Alchemy Codes I received on my journey, click the links below (please forgive the misspelling of the word quarantine the opening titles!):

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Much love to all

Doing dishes quarantine style.

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Notes from Las Vegas Quarantine (Day 9)

I am really enjoying going to sleep when I am tired and waking up when I am done sleeping. My body appears to be finding a new rhythm. And I feel deeply rested. How about you? Are you giving yourself the gift of more sleep?

I am slowly moving forward with the guidance I have received to cut the pricing on the chakra oils I import from Egypt so that those light workers who feel called to use this technology to contribute to their personal and planetary healing can more easily access them during this global health crisis.

I have recorded a deep download of the energy work we did in Egypt and why that trip was so monumentally important. I am profoundly moved by this work. It feels incredibly vulnerable to share it publicly, but that's my task right now. (Part 1Part 2, Part 3)

In the meantime, I have been looking for accurate information to help me asses the risk of infection for me and my family based on my travel history. According to what I have been reading, I am beginning to hope that I actually do have a mild case of CV-19 and have begun producing the anti-bodies needed to bring about herd immunity.

I have gone in and out of feeling healthy with waves of nausea, bouts of diarrhea, mild abdominal pain, 3 days of back pain, post nasal drip, itchy inner ears, scratchy throat, minor fatigue, intense hunger without being able to tolerate much food. No fever, no cough, no difficulty breathing. Although yesterday I did feel a tad of tightness starting.

One person in our group tested positive, but her provider believes she contracted the virus on her journey home. Fortunately, she has a very mild case. Another on our trip came down with Influenza A on the last three days the trip but didn't know it until returning home and being tested. A third traveler arrived on the trip with sinusitis and a bacterial infection that she was treated for after returning home. So it's just a toss up as to whether I have anything at all and what it could be.

Regardless, I am in good spirits. I miss my family, my Egyptian family, and my friends more than words can express.

Notes from Las Vegas Quarantine (Day 12)

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. again today. Again I didn't want to be awake.


No miraculous downloads today. Just tiredness. And a sense of doom.

Maybe I pushed it too hard yesterday. Maybe it's just the knowing that we are, astrologically speaking, in the eye of the needle today through Saturday, with the next two days being the most difficult.

There is a great turning happening on 4/4/2020. A portal to a new reality opens. We are moving toward it now. A global mediation is scheduled for 20 minutes at 10:45 p.m. Eastern Time when the planets Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct.

Yay for us! (sorry for the sarcasm, but I'm just not feeling the Pollyanna vibes today.)

Yesterday I learned another person close to me that I traveled with tested positive for CV-19. So I am likely positive too. I have known this for a while. I really would like to get a test, but it's proving harder to do in Nevada. Course I haven't been pushing myself too hard to make it happen either.

It only matters because I have a lot of orders for oils to send out and I have to be responsible. Maybe I am being asked to slow the pace even more. To wait another week to ship. I don't know. I am going to take today off for the most part and see if guidance appears.

In the meantime, I am feeling grumpy this morning. Maybe it will shift as I do my practice. But for now I am keeping it real. This is what I am processing in the moment:

I am frustrated by the continued lack of leadership, the lack of safety equipment, the lack of honesty, and the lack of integrity at the highest levels of our government (I should probably stop tracking this).

I am angry by the power moves I see happening in the public and private sector - including the raising of prices on essential equipment. That's supposed to be illegal! (In truth I didn't have the heart to do my research and make sure this wasn't fake news. I hope it was.)

I am sick to death of the cheaters who suppress votes to be in power and then use times of vulnerability like this to consolidate that power. Even as their cheating ways are exposed. (Thanks Fox and Friends!)

I long for a complete wiping away and wiping OUT of all that arrogance and human indecency, which I have felt (and still feel) helpless to address.


I pray to you CoronaVirus, to help us humans do what we never could manage to do on our own.

I pray to you Divine Spirit in all forms to help us have the strength to use our energy and our power (however that looks) to draw a line in the sand. To know deep within that we have had enough and will take no more.

I pray to the god of my being to stand firm in this knowing that this monster's time has come.

I feel like Gandalf, standing before the Balrog, pounding my staff on the ground and declaring from the core of my soul: YOU... SHALL NOT.... PASS!!!!!

That is all for today loves.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.
I love you.


Notes from Quarantine in Las Vegas (Day 13)
Okay, first off, I think I can finally spell quarantine without spell check.
Next up - after a day off with deep rest, no internet, and a date with Mary Magdalene, I am feeling much much better. Sorry if my last note caused anyone to be concerned or worried. Deep thanks to all who held me in the light, encouraged me in the comments, or reached out.
I know it's hard to watch when people we love are struggling. But being a witness is just so damn powerful. I honestly think it's more powerful than being a fixer or a savior. It allows people to find their own way back. It's is the hallmark of trust.
Of course I wasn't ever really in trouble, and sometimes it does makes sense to step in.
Anyway, I am so very grateful for my spiritual practices and the love of my guides and Divine peeps.
Today I made progress on several projects and conducted some coaching calls with my students. It was truly uplifting and empowering.
I also finally connected with UNLV. They agreed I was eligible for testing but the guy on the phone said they were booked up right now and someone would call me next week to schedule an appointment. I literally laughed out loud when he told me that. I mean seriously. I am already almost over it. By next week I will be for sure. He agreed. Sigh. Guess I'll never know. He did tell me I just needed to stay in my room 3 days after my last day with symptoms.
So I have decided to extend my little stay-cation until Sunday just to be sure. I have to admit there has been a lot that I have loved about being in this room with zero responsibility for household tasks. I am so grateful to my beloveds for caring for me. 
Today I had to clear out the dishes again and take out the trash. It was getting a little funky in here with 3-day old dishes. Yikes!
I spoke to my parents again. I am embarrassed to say I have called them more often in these last two weeks than in the last 6 months. On one day when I called my dad said he heard from all three of us kids. We joked that it was indeed a banner day at the Bonario household. If you haven't been checking on your parents and they aren't terrible people, consider calling them.
Those of you able to get outside, please smell some flowers for me.
All my Love,

Notes from Quarantine in Las Vegas (Day 11)

Yesterday was a big day.

The day started with a powerful set of downloads for two friends. One speaking to the archetypal times we are living in. And one offer support to those on the front-lines of the pandemic. In each case I was called to reveal myself more fully, to show up as the Priestess of Light that I am. It was scary. And Necessary.

We no longer have the luxury of hiding dear ones. If  you are a priestess or priest called to work in the light realms, please now - It's our time. It's our turn.

I also released the videos of my Egypt Alchemy Codes download yesterday.

Yes. It was a big day for me. This staying in party, has become a coming out party.

This morning I woke up at 5:00 a.m. I didn't want to be awake. But I was done sleeping.
I lay in bed for a while going over my dreams.

And then the downloads started: I received the structure for a way to share more deeply the oil mysteries and alchemy codes coming in through me. I tried to convince myself I would remember, but it built and built until I relented and got up to take dictation.

After that I turned to my oils and my anointing practice. I began with the usual 7 body chakras that I use most days. But this time it was different. I chose to go much slower. It was not just a task to check off my to do list (literally I would put using my oils on my to do list to make sure I did it every day.)

This time it was a partnership between me and the oils. It was gentle and slower. It was luscious and meaningful. I let them tell me how they wanted to roll on to my skin. In a circle, a dot, a line? Which ones wanted to encircle the others? Which wanted space?

After all 7 were on, I turned to the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine oil. I smelled them and worked with them on the pole points on my body as well as blending them on the backs of my hands so that all I might do today would be done in balance. I began moving the feminine and masculine energy within me in a figure 8 through all 4 poles.

Then I began my meditation.

Connecting with the earth. Brining energy up into my pelvic bowl.
Connecting with the sun, bringing in energy down from the sun into my pelvic bowl.
Mixing the two and bringing that blended Shakti energy up through each chakra, breathing each colorful sphere open so that, eventually I sat in the middle of a 7-layered bubble of rainbow light.

I used the golden light coming from the figure 8 to shine through all 7 chakras radiating it down to the earth and up to the earth's grid in beam of rainbow healing light.

Then I picked up my pendulum and began to ask which of the higher chakra oils I needed today.
Only one: Nile Flower.

That's the oil Gamal instructed us to use during this time to help us connect with all the angels, helpful beings and other light workers on the planet working for healing right now.

I asked the three questions: Do I use it on the body? In a diffuser? In the bath?

The answer was in the bath. Bummer. I really did not want to get up an take a bath. I was feeling called to move into work. I checked my answers and got the same result. I asked if I could just smell it for now.

After smelling it and listening to some music and reminding myself that I am allowed to start my day slowly and take this time to be with myself, I relented and ran the bath. I turned off the light and lit a candle. As I soaked in the hot water laced with Nile Flower (and now all the other oils as well), and drank my hot tea, I enjoyed gentle music and chanting.

I prayed. I washed. I listened. More dots were connected.

I remembered a soul-sister feeling upset that the media keeps talking about people adjusting to this "new normal."
"This is NOT NORMAL," she says. "This is a crisis! We do not want to get used to this." (She works a prayer line and hears the worst of people's fears for 10 hours a day, 4 days a week - yes, she's a powerful priestess!)

As I contemplated that, I declared this slow, gentle morning of mine my New Normal.

I never want to go back. I pray I will not.

This is it for me. The new earth has arrived. The new reality is here.
It is here, because I make it so. In my own life. In my own way.

I am patient. I will go slow. I will allow. I will receive. I will contribute. I will do so in balance, in harmony.

I am so grateful my body is helping now when I hit the point of coming out of balance.
She tells me through tiredness, fatigue, boredom, nausea, and just plain refusing to budge.
I love her.

And I love you.

Notes from Quarantine in Las vegas (Day 13)

I am just warning you now it's going to get crazy up in here. You can stop reading if you don't feel comfortable with supernatural occurrences, higher beings, The Great Mothers of love and all things woo woo. Plus it's long...

Here we go!

Today I was given the final elements of a healing protocol that uses the 4 inner poles (2 Feminine, 2 masculine) and the chakras. I will keep it high level and just say that the 4 poles move energy in a figure 8 and that creates golden light. The golden light then shines through the chakras out into the world and the bathes the person or the earth in rainbow light.

If you have been reading these notes, you know on Tuesday I had a really down day. But what I didn’t share was that it was in part precipitated by the decision I had made on Monday to give my energy shaman permission to shift the polarity in my system. The shift moved my polarity from 70% masculine and 30% feminine energy to 60% feminine and 40% masculine energy, which is a more integrated ratio for the work I am now doing in the world. He told me it would be uncomfortable as my usual shielding would be gone. He asked me to try to adjust to it for at least 30 days before texting him and asking him to change it back (lol – he must have experience with this!). He said I could try practicing being transparent rather than shielding.

After posting my grumpy post I took a bath with the oils and worked to calm my nervous system. I cried and prayed and Isis came. To my surprise she had Mother Mary and The Magdalene with her. Wow! I thought. She has come with reinforcements! It must be really bad. As I laid in the tub and cried the three of them worked on me. It was like Isis was handing me over to them to move on to the next phase of my journey. They reminded me that I did not have to do this alone.

I left the bath and got into bed to just rest and practice being transparent. I remembered that I could ask for help, so I texted four sister-priestesses and asked them to hold space for me. They each appeared in the room. One at my head, one at my feet, and one on each side. Then came the goddesses. They stood on the corners of the bed. There was a fourth one that I could not quite see. And it began.

Oh. My. Goddess! It was excruciating at first. All the feels rolled in. I kept noticing how I would resist it or try to hold it rather than just let it pass. After a long while of practicing it became easier to notice when I was resisting or holding the energy. When I would shift into being transparent it was like I moved into another dimension and it got easier.

The next morning (Wednesday) a friend told me about her brother-in-law George who was in ICU with Covid-19. That afternoon I realized that my new sensitivity would allow me to be a proxy for oil work. I explained I would have to use my pendulum to check and make sure he was open to it. I wrote George’s name on a bit of paper and grabbed my pendulum. I asked him if he was okay with me supporting him in this way. He was not a yes. I reached out to my friend and suggested she talk to her sister. I thought maybe she could try to connect with George and help him become a yes, sort of act as a bridge. It worked. This morning he was a yes!

I set to work using the oils placing them on myself and also on the paper. By 6:30 a.m. I had completed my work and wrote to my friend telling her about the protocol I used and sending her a picture of the anointing I had done. I also told her that I checked in with George and he had received the oils. I didn’t hear back from her.

By 7:52 a.m. I was feeling like something must be wrong. So I reached out. Sure enough she wrote back that three hours earlier the hospital had called saying that they didn’t think George was going to make it. And that she had heard nothing since. I immediately went back to the paper with George. I felt guided to use the same configuration I used on myself on Tuesday. I called in the four goddesses. Then I saw myself, my friend, her sister and her daughter standing around George. I moved his name to a notepad I had so I could draw the goddesses and us around him, as well as his protectors and guide. It formed a grid around him.

I envisioned us all turning on our inner figure 8 engine and the shining the golden light it produced through our chakras beaming rainbow light energy toward George. Then I helped George get his inner engine going. I could feel it heating up my hands. Then I used my fingers to stimulate his chakras and move his life force energy up through each chakra all the while reminding him it was his choice. I also blew into his lungs several times imagining the thick mucus leaving him. I offered him the use of my lifeforce energy and any antibodies I might have to help. I felt guided to prick my finger and put four dots of blood on his grid. (I know it’s weird).

Then I went back to my work. I picked up the task of transcribing the recording of Gamal teaching about the Higher Chakra oils, specifically Frankincense. When I got to the point where I had left of the previous Monday he was talking about how Frankincense is useful for keeping away negative energies. Especially in places that had seen a lot of death. This was the missing piece. Hospital ICUs are full of death. I grabbed my roller bottle and rolled a circle of Frankincense around George. I didn’t realize it at the time, but on the page behind the one I was using was a Sri Yantra symbol that I had been guided to draw last week. That symbol is an amplifier and it has all 7 chakras incorporated into it. The oil reached the purple ink from that symbol and drew it up into George’s grid.

At 8:13 a.m. I wrote my friend again and told her that I had done some more work with George. At 10:36 a.m. she sent me this message: “He had a sudden change for the better. A huge amount of mucus was loosened and suctioned. He’s at his highest oxygen level he’s been at and no fever at this time. Still critical but wow it went from death to this. I cannot thank you enough my friend.”

She sent me a photo of an alter she and her daughter had made with stones and candles. It looked remarkably similar to the grid I had drawn. We were both blown away.

I had already promised to do proxy oil work for Anne-Marie a member of our Egypt group who contacted Covid-19 on her way home. Now I knew the complete protocol. I reached out to three of the sisters on our trip and asked them to join me in circle for Anne-Marie for a healing. They all agreed. I went through the same steps, only when I checked there was no need for blood. I sent the group the photo of the grid I made. And one of the sisters sent me back a photo of a tapestry hanging in her office that was almost the exact representation fo what I have been seeing as I do this work. WILD!

Later that day Anne-Marie reported feeling the best she'd felt in 2 weeks.

I offered to see if she wanted to try the protocol on her uncle who is in ICU with Covid-19. He’s been comatose on a ventilator in ICU for two weeks. I checked and he was a yes. We completed the work for him. Now we wait.

Rainbows and color challenges have been popping up everywhere today. Even the 4, 4, 2020 healing mediation happening at 10:45 p.m. ET is using elements of light and color. And now there's this article linked below popping up on my feed shared by none other than Anne-Marie. Wow.

If you are a light worker, tune in and see what you have been picking up about using rainbow light to heal the earth's grid and those infected and sick right now.

Native American prophecy:

“There will come a day when people of all races, colors, and creeds will put aside their differences. They will come together in love, joining hands in unification, to heal the Earth and all Her children. They will move over the Earth like a great Whirling Rainbow, bringing peace, understanding and healing everywhere they go.”

Notes from Las Vegas Quarantine (Day 15) ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Things are intensifying.
Today is one of those defining moments in time.
It's a moment that is not visible to everyone.
Just to those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

As the news grows worse in the coming days we may find ourselves feeling renewed or intensified fear and grief. Loss is never easy - especially as we try to hold on to what is dying away.

But just for today, on this very special day (4/4/2020) when Jupiter and Pluto come conjunct and a portal opens, will you join me in actively staying in the energy of LOVE?

I am using this practice to help myself navigate this day.
Maybe it will help you too:

When harsh words and news hits your ears, don't resist. But also don't hold on to it. Instead imagine yourself becoming invisible and the words or energy just passes on through unimpeded. It's as though it can't find you, can't hit its target.

When I do this practice I feel like I have shifted into smoke, or maybe another dimension or parallel timeline, and I feel relief.

We must be gentle with ourselves. This is important work!

What can we do? How can we make a difference?

Beloved sisters and brothers, The Medicine Tent in the Temple is open today. Can you feel it? And ALL of you are welcome here. You MATTER! And what you do today matters.

Each of us has something to contribute. It can be for one minute, one hour, or for the whole day.

Here are some things that might help you spur your knowing as to what is yours to do to heal yourself, your loved ones, humanity, all living creatures and the Earth herself:

If you are a Lover of Dance, put on some music and move your body. Sweat your prayers for wholeness and health, for a more fair and just world. Spin and twirl and share your life-force energy with all who need it.

If you are a Space Whisperer who loves to make things beautiful, make an alter, mesa, sacred space in your home. It doesn't matter if you have never done it before. Just collect a few beautiful items and with intention arrange them in a sacred place and put your prayers for healing and love into the space.

If you are a Sacred Shaman, get out your sage, your rattle, your drum. Shake and beat and burn the negativity out of the space. Help us release that which no longer serves.

If you are an Oil Priestess like me, get out your oils. Your Young Living oils, Your doTERRA oils, your home made or hand crafted oils, or the oils you purchased from me. Anoint yourself as you feel led. Take them outside and anoint the earth. Diffuse them into the air (you can use a pot on the stove) and bathe with them.

If you are a God/Goddess of Art, get out your paints, colored pens, scissors and tape. Enter the Temple of your Soul and bring forth images and artwork that heals through love. Let your creativity be a love-note to all LIFE.

If you are an Oracle, a Channel, a Seer, get out your cards, your tools of divination, your pendulums and your intuitive powers. Bring forth message of love, guidance and hope. Tell us what you see.

If you are a Mystress or Master of the Word, open your journal and let your words flow forth unchecked by the inner critic, free flowing from your heart on to the page. Write us poems of love and healing, and never forget that in the beginning there was the WORD.

If you are a Sacred Singer of Songs, let us hear your voice rising up to the heavens now. Bless us with your sweet sounds of LOVE as you send healing vibrations into the airwaves for all to feel.

If you are a Holy Music Maker, pick up your instrument and play. Play us sweet music that uplifts and heals, the music of the soul to carry us home.

If you are a Protector and Lover of Nature, plant something, work with the land, your hands in the soil, sending love and light into all of Life as you cultivate beauty in nature.

If you are a Sacred Parent to a Beloved Child, love your sweet ones fiercely today. Allow them to pull forth from you the most powerful love on the planet - that of the creator's love for his/her creation. Radiate that love out to all of Creation

And finally - JOIN IN the Global Healing Meditation happening today 4/4/2020 at 10:45 p.m. Eastern Time (US) and beam healing rainbow light of Love to all Life for 22 minutes.

There are many more ways you can make an offering on this day of GREAT TURNING. And they all make a difference.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.
It is US.
It is our time and our turn.

But a word of caution - all of this must be done without attachment to outcomes. We must know that sacrifices are inevitable. Things might get worse, even much worse, before they get better. We do this work anyway, knowing that it may take days, months or even years for the full impact of our efforts to be felt.

For me, I am focused on supporting healing in balance with the REQUISITE amount of suffering for this time.

I am standing firm in knowing that some suffering or sacrifice is needed for us to become willing to shift to a more sustainable way of life, based on love, nurturing, community and kindness. But, I pray, let us have not one drop more than is absolutely necessary.

That is my prayer.
May it be so.

It is done.
It is done.
It is done.

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