Come harness the Mystery and Magic of Ancient Egypt and get what you need to complete your Soul-Mission in this lifetime - with ease, grace, and joy!

It's thrilling to see travelers tick off a major Soul-Goal by traveling to Egypt and sitting in the presence of the Goddess and Ascended Masters where the veil is super thin. From downloads with specific marching orders, to past-life healings, to complete life restructurings, those who have had the courage to set sail on the Nile with us have found their Soul-Mission clarified and amplified. And upon returning, they have made significant shifts and welcomed the success that had eluded them before. 

This is the essence of our voyage:  Getting (Soul) Sh!t Done


A group of committed spiritual seekers is forming now for OUR LAST VOYAGE to Egypt. This will be unlike any pilgrimage you have undertaken before. We will dive deeply into one of the most potent power centers on earth, the birthplace of modern civilization and keeper of sacred secrets of untold origin. Through a powerful combination of ancient mystery school teachings and modern science, and one-on-one energy work, we have designed this program to allow you to quickly and powerfully fulfill your Soul's calling with greater ease and grace.

Are you ready to fulfill your destiny?

This journey is not for the casual learner. It is for those who have had some experience with personal spiritual evolution and Soul Work. If you are ready and willing to get your Soul-Goals DONE, you will recognize yourself in these prerequisites...

  1. You pay attention to your body and its knowings, to the signs you see that offer guidance, and to the whispers of your heart, and you take Aligned Action - or maybe you aren't sure what the Aligned Action is.
  2. You know in your bones there is nothing to be gained and everything to be lost when you try to hold on to what no longer serves you, and yet you sometimes don't know what and how to let go.
  3. You have trust in your own boldness and courage to take the risks that lead you forward on your evolutionary path. Although, confusion can still pop up at times.
  4. You have faith that whatever part of yourself or your life feels as though it has died is simply being re-born into something more aligned and more powerful. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, you can and will be revived and flourish, and a little help would be welcome.

But despite knowing all of this, you may still feel that you aren't making enough headway on your Mission. Maybe you are working harder at this than you ever have and still the results aren't what you hoped and planned for. The relationship with your loved one isn't improving, the aligned clients you want to serve aren't showing up, the busy-work feels never ending and that book or program seems like it will never get written. You know the drill. One step forward two steps back, and it seems like your Soul-Goals stay just out of reach. Or maybe you are just waiting (and waiting, and waiting) for that clear guidance to appear. Even so, you are not one to give up on your Mission. Not like it would let you anyway! You know that feeling, like a constant pressure in your solar-plexus, or chest. Or a tugging at your heart, or an urgent whisper in your ear.

It's time for a Soul-Level Intervention!

There's nothing worse than living with that sense that time is running out!
Or that you may not get to the very thing you came here to BE and DO before you die!

And there is NOTHING MORE SATISFYING than the feeling of relief and delight that washes over you when you complete a Soul-Goal.

Some of the Soul-Goals that our former participants have rocked since returning from Egypt include:

  • completing a book and having it accepted by the very first publisher it was sent to
  • releasing a long-suffering relationship and finding profound happiness
  • successfully supporting a family member trapped in addiction and facilitating potent generational healing
  • completing advanced degrees
  • launching and filling workshops and book tours
  • securing an invitation to speak at high level conference
  • complete renewal and reinvention of work life to align more deeply with Soul guidance
  • successfully resolving painful "interference" with Mission work
  • completing a cross-country move to deeply supportive environment
  • receiving of new job offers, new careers, new relationships, new homes, and even new cars!
  • attracting deeply aligned business partners and life partners
  • generally up-leveled sense of flow, ease and deep satisfaction with Soul-Work

How long have you been struggling to fulfill a Soul-Goal or putting it on hold?
This trip is the catalyst you have been waiting for to dissolve the blocks and challenges keeping you from fully and easily manifesting your Mission.

No more waiting
It's Your Time. It's Your Turn.

Amplify Your Soul-Work Now!

During the journey we will will share the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries of the 7 Gates, the 7 Gifts, and the 7 Goals and how they underpin successful Soul Work.

The 7 Gates


The 7 Gifts


The 7 Goals

Many Houses
Track Into the Desert
Street that Grows Red Flowers
Ascent of the High Mountains
Descent of the Dark Caves
Path of Ever Wandering
Way of Sitting Still

We will breakdown these ancient teachings into clear and actionable chunks so you can apply the wisdom they contain to your personal Mission. We'll help you alleviate the interference and resistance you have felt, from within and without, so you can get into deep alignment with your Soul and watch the Manifesting Magic kick in!


OUR PROMISE TO YOU: What happens in Egypt won't stay in Egypt! 

We are committed to making sure you bring home and integrate the transformation that you experience on this trip.

This program package includes: 3 pre-trip preparation calls, 12 days of powerful pilgrimage, and 3 post-trip integration calls.

January 30, 2020: Group Call #1

Our journey together begins with a 90-minute call to set the container for our voyage. We will call the circle together and get to know one another. Tj, Doaa and I will share an overview of what to expect on the trip and begin to orient you energetically for the journey ahead.

February 13, 2020: Group Call #2

On our second call we will dive into what your experience has been thus far in living into your mission. We will get to know the places where you have felt blocked and offer a meditation and energetic transmission that will begin preparing you for the shifts you can expect on the journey.

February 27, 2020: Group Call #3

As we continue preparing for our journey to the Nile Delta in Egypt, we will strengthen our container and finalize all travel details. On this final call we will teach you some basic energy practices to use in preparation for the trip. We will end with another powerful meditation and energetic practice.

In addition, every tour participant will have the exquisite experience of a private 90-Minute energy work session with Master Energy Teacher Tj Bartel.

Using powerful energy practices he has honed over almost two decades of working with clients, Tj has developed his signature Life-Force Energetic Alignment Protocol (LEAP) Sessions. In your session, you and Tj will check in with a 15 minutes conversation to pinpoint the shift you desire to more powerfully live into your Mission. Then he will work with your body's energy field moving through each of the 7 body-based chakras and possibly the 8th non-body chakra, to help free stuck energy, balance over-expressed energy, and harmonize all the chakras in your system. When the work is complete, you will have a 15 minute integration period to allow your energy system to anchor its newly re-aligned settings before coming into contact with others. Many participants reported that the work done in these sessions opened the door for deep ritual healing on the trip to take place. Others found that the sacred rituals opened a path for the energy work to provide deep healing. Either way, it's a potent combination that is sure to support you in bringing forth your next level of transformation.


Walking on Sacred Land, Sailing on Sacred Water

The Egyptians saw their land as a sacred reflection of heaven on earth and perceived the Nile as the earthly mirror of the Milky Way, the celestial river. We are called to sail upon this Celestial river to align with the Divine Mother energy and to awaken our energetic power and experience the higher consciousness of the ancient Egypt. The Alchemy of this voyage is in weaving together the awakening insights we gather in these sacred places with the powerful circle work aimed at amplifying our Soul-Work. While the experience is unique to each person, you can count on 12 days of relaxation, renewal, ritual, and re-alignment. And equally importantly, there will be great fun, laughter, and friendship on this journey of the Soul.


DAY 1: Friday, March 6 - Arrive in Cairo by 5 p.m. (Hotel Night in Cairo)

You will be greeted at Cairo International Airport and escorted to our hotel in the heart of Ancient Cairo. At the hotel you will be assisted for a smooth check-in. Then simply relax at the pool, schedule a spa treatment, have a leisurely dinner on your own. The tour begins later that evening at our Welcome and Awakening Circle with Rima, Doaa and Tj where we will set our intentions for this sacred pilgrimage. (Please keep in mind that you will need to leave the US on Thursday, March 5th to arrive in Cairo on Friday, March 6th)

DAY 2: Saturday, March 7 - Flight to Luxor, Check in to Private Yacht (All cabins are double occupancy) & Visit Luxor Temple at Night

Early morning after breakfast we arrive at Cairo airport for short flight to Luxor, after which we check in our private yacht & enjoy a delicious dinner on board made by our private chef.

We will begin our energy sessions in the afternoon as well as rest and enjoy our first views of the Nile.

After dinner we will visit the magnificently illuminated Temple of Luxor. This temple is deigned to represent the human body. We will use our visit to prime our body and energy system to receive the insights that lay ahead. We walk the length of the temple moving from the feet deeper into the temple towards the head where the holy of holies, the inner sanctuary, is located. This is a wonderful place to focus on physical healing as well as set the intention for the powerful soul connections and initiations to come.

DAY 3: Sunday, March 8 - Visit Karnak Temple & Set Sail on the Nile

Early morning, we visit the magnificent Karnak Temple. Karnak is the biggest temple complex in Egypt - and a very special place. It is dedicated to the God Amun and the Goddess Mut. As you enter, you walk between rows of rams-headed sphinxes, which originally connected Karnak with Luxor Temple three miles away. We will take some time to visit the sacred lake of Karnak, ask for clearing and purification, and placing our intention from our mind's eye into the lake.

The highlight of the visit is a rarely seen small chapel dedicated to Sekhmet, the lioness goddess of compassion and courage. She is associated with feminine fire and healing through destruction. She is a renowned healer and known for her magic and ability to hunt down an imbalance at its origin. In a potent private initiation, we will honor the Goddess and receive the gift of courage to be our authentic selves. We will ask Her to burn away all that lies in the way of us completing our Soul-Mission for this lifetime. Once back on the yacht we start our sailing up the Nile river where we will begin our LEAP energy sessions with Tj and enjoy the day relaxing as we sail.

DAY 4: Monday, March 9 - Visit Edfu Temple

This morning after breakfast we will visit Edfu Temple. Edfu represents the struggle of good and bad through the story of Isis, Osiris, Set and Horus. Horus is associated with higher vision and clarity. The eye of Horus greatly relates to his myth and power. The left eye represents the lunar, the moon, the intuitive, the feminine energy. The right eye is connected to the solar, the masculine, the action, and the yang energy. Both are necessary for true power to exist.

We will use this visit to bring into balance our masculine and feminine power centers and put them in service to our Mission. We will work with balancing the lunar and the solar energies inside of us and awaken our intuitive centers to call in a higher perspective. We will visit the sanctuary in the rear of the temple. This temple is dedicated to and Horus his energy is still very preserved. Here we will ask for deep clarity on our Soul-Work. Once back on the yacht we start continue sailing, enjoy lunch, circle time, energy sessions, and time to yourself.

DAY 5: Tuesday, March 10 - Visit Komombo Temple and Sail to Aswan

Sailing towards Aswan, we arrive at the Temple of Komombo. This temple is dedicated to two gods, Sobek and Ra Hr. Akhty. Sobek is the crocodile god which represents the Lower Self, and the god Ra Hr, AKA Horus,"Who Is In Heaven" and who represents the Higher Self. This temple holds the Atlantic energy.

If you are ready for this experience you will detach from the struggles between your higher and lower self, letting go of fear and negativity as you see struggle depicted on the temple walls and bridge the upper and lower selves. Here we will ask for our ego blocks to dissolve so that our higher and lower selves will be able to align around our Mission. Once back on the yacht we start continue sailing, enjoy lunch, circle time, enjoying energy sessions, and time relaxing.

DAY 6: Wednesday, March 11 - Visit Aswan - Felucca ride and Bazaar

We will enjoy a relaxing day of energy sessions and then a visit points of interest in Aswan. We will take a ride in a Felucca sailing boat and visit the night Bazaar for some people watching and shopping for trinkets and treasures.

DAY 7: Thursday, March 12 - Private Visit to Isis; Temple at Philae and Day Sailing  

One of the trip's highlights, we will take a pre-dawn boat ride out to the island of Philae for a private sunrise meditation and ritual. This powerful experience will open your heart so that you can receive Isis's blessings and medicine for your Soul-Work. The presence of Isis is palpable in the inner sanctum, the Holy of Holies of her temple. It is often many guests' favorite spot in all of Egypt. We will invite the Goddess to open our sense of intuition and Divine Knowing igniting any parts of us that may be sleeping, activating our divinity codes and connecting us powerfully with our Soul.

Our final day on the Nile is a day of deep integration. After lunch back on the yacht, we dive deeper into our circle time, taking our learning into our core. We will complete our energy sessions and have time for journaling and visiting as we make our way back to Luxor.

DAY 8 - Friday, March 13 - Drive to Abydos (Hotel Night)

Early morning after breakfast we will drive in our air conditioned coach to Sohag City where the famous Abydos Temple is located. After lunch you will have time to rest and settle in. We will hold a night circle ceremony to continue tapping into the Mysteries and Magic of this holy land in support our Mission and then head to bed early to rest up for the next day's events.

DAY 9 - Saturday, March 14 - Abydos Temple (Hotel Night)

After our early morning breakfast, we will visit Abydos Temple. Abydos is dedicated to Osiris and houses the nine great beings known as the Ennead. These temples rest next to and above the most ancient Osirian, one of the premier power places on the planet. It includes a more recent temple built by Seti I, which contains the most beautiful bas relief of any temple in Egypt.

We will drop into the deep mysteries found in the Hall of the Osirian to provide us with a palpably energizing experience. Here we will also see the ancient symbol of the flower of life found on the stones and ask for the linking of our throat, third eye and crown chakras in support of our Sacred Mission.

DAY 10 - Sunday, March 15 - Return to Cairo, Cairo Museum and Bazaar (Hotel Night)

After our early morning short flight back to Cairo, we visit the Egyptian Museum of Cairo to view the spiritual legacy of priest kings, queens, scribes and healers. The museum holds an astounding collection of Egyptian antiquities and exhibits over 120,000 artifacts, including those magnificent treasures from the tomb of Tutankhamen. Here you'll see the gods and goddesses of Egypt that you've been getting to know, rendered in hieroglyphs and reliefs and witness the legacy of the supposed "heretic" pharaoh, Akhenaton, the first monotheist. If you like, you can see the mummies exhibit and more.

Following lunch, no trip to Cairo would be complete without a visit to Khan Al-Kahlil Bazaar. The bazaar is loud, crowded, colorful, and exciting! Full of all kinds of goods and shiny baubles, you can find the typical tourist trinkets here, but don't let them distract you from the genuinely fine shopping to be found here also. After shopping we check in at our hotel for the night.

Day 11: Monday, March 16 - The Great Pyramid, The Sphinx, Gamal's Oil Shop and Farewell dinner

Just when you think the tour couldn't possibly be any more amazing...get ready to have your entire being upgraded!

This potent day begins after breakfast with an early morning visit to the Great Pyramid of Giza. Nothing will prepare you for the majesty of this ancient wonder. You will enter the pyramid and after climbing to the top of the narrow passage, we will have a culminating initiation in the King's Chamber to come into alignment with our truest Divine nature. We will bring forth that which must be unleashed so that we can be free to live in the fullness of our Soul calling.

From there we visit the famous Sphinx complex and feel ourselves enlivened by the ancient secrets buried beneath it.

And as if the day isn't already filled with wonder, following lunch, we will have a private visit at Gamal's Essential Oil Shop where we will have the privilege of hearing his wisdom and knowledge about the chakra system as a 5th generation alchemist. He will bring us from the lofty realms of our crown chakra and our Divine Self all the way back down into our Base chakra so that we may fully embody and integrate our Soul Mission.

To complete the day we will have a Farewell Dinner, basking in the reflection of our shared Egyptian experience. 

Day 12: Tuesday, March 16 - Breakfast and Prepare for Departure  

After a hearty breakfast, you will be escorted to the airport to catch your returning flight home. We recommend you plan for a late morning or mid-day departure to give yourself space in the morning.

But that's not the end! The circle will reconvene three times more to help you capture and apply all you have experienced so that it can be integrated into your daily life back home. Post journey you will have Rima, Tj and Doaa's support for three deepening sessions.

April 2, 2020: Soft Landings - As you return home, you will feel that you are not the same person you were when you left. On this call, we will provide both coaching and energetic support as you re-integrate into your "regular life."

April 16, 2020: Staying the Course - On this call we will provide both coaching and energetic support in overcoming the inevitable challenges that will arise as you seek to live from your new-found ease and Mission-focused clarity.

April 30, 2020: Creating Your Future - On this final call, we will end our journey together with a powerful energetic alignment between the new you and the you still unfolding. We will engage with that further self and invite his/her wisdom to serve as a guide on the path as you continue birthing your Soul's work fulfilling your Spiritual Destiny for this lifetime.


Tour Leader - Dr. Rima Bonario

This is my third time leading a sacred journey to Egypt, and I can't wait to return. Helping people to discover and take action on their passions in life is one of my greatest joys. Having earned a doctorate in Transformational Psychology, I love to support people in creating lasting transformation by focusing within to connect with and be guided by their soul's knowings.

In the last five years, I have been teaching the underlying energy patterns that keep people stuck repeating old, hurtful life choices so that they can heal those hurts and craft a fulfilling, soulful, mission-focused life. My studies with master energy teachers, the ancient art of Tantra, years of shadow work and the art of transformational psychology serve as the foundation for my coaching and teaching approach. Creating sacred ceremonies and rituals to heighten soul-level connection is one of my specialties.

Tj Bio shot

Tour Leader - Tj Bartel

Tj Bartel is an Energy Teacher and Transformational Coach who is a master at manifesting in alignment with his Soul-Mission. He will bring his transformational teachings and unpack the energy principles at the heart of successfully living your Mission. To aid in this, Tj has developed a powerful energy practice called LEAP: Life-force Energetic Alignment Protocol to upgrade the body’s energetic operating system. It is this system which is at the root of life's challenges. He will provide LEAP sessions to each participant to move stuck energy, unwind and release limiting beliefs, heal from past hurts and resolve old wounds so you can rebalance and achieve a healthy, well-tuned, vibrant energy system aligned with your Soul-Mission.

Tour Leader - Doaa Bodawi

We are so blessed to have Doaa Badawi, owner of Sacred Egyptian Tours, joining us once again as our Egyptologist and guide. Doaa is truly one of the most knowledgable and insightful guides in all of Egypt. Her decades of experience leading spiritually focused trips makes her expertise even more valuable. Doaa's unique perspective and her knack for getting us into rarely seen spaces with enough privacy to hold our own private ceremonies is simply priceless. Doaa herself is a shining example of living her soul-work as a successful business woman in a world dominated by men. I have no doubt you will fall in love with her incredibly cheerful and charming personality just as I have, not to mention her skill in guiding us to the perfect places to shop!


What Others Are Saying...


I am forever changed!

This trip was more than just a vacation, it was a transformation. I am birthing a whole new life for myself - one that is is deep alignment with my soul. Thank you for such an inspiring and powerful journey! I feel on purpose like never before - even as I wait to see what form my new life takes.


A Fresh Start!

Thank you. I had no idea what to expect when I started on this adventure. I knew I wanted to address some old stuff I was ready to release. This program did that and so much more for me. I am so grateful for the amazing way you and Tj gently guided me through all I needed to release so that I am more clear on how I want to share my gifts with the world.

Like Nothing I've ever done before...

Rima and Tj, you two were such a powerful teaching combination. Your love and brilliance came through every step of the way. And Doaa is an absolute gem! I am amazed at how different my work has been after getting home. I have found it easy and joyful to create in alignment with my Soul. My studies are complete now and am offering workshops and teachings as well as doing the research project I had hoped to do. Thank you!


These teachings are the key I didn't even know I was looking for. They have changed EVERYTHING, and I am not one to make sweeping claims. Since returning home I completed my book and it was accepted by the first publisher I sent it to! I have also woven this experience into the next octave of my sacred work in the world, updating my offerings and birthed an entirely new organization.

I wouldn't just 'recommend' this experience. I would say it is nothing short of a necessary soul requirement to reclaim our natural state of divine grace and magic.

Thank you. Thank you. This is how it is supposed to be. This is my natural state.

Stephanie Red Feather,
Shamanic Coach & Priestess Process Facilitator

Being driven to succeed, working hard, be assertive, proving myself… All these things led to burnout, exhaustion and frustration in my work and in my body. I had to learn a different way. One that was more rooted in a soul-connected place. I feel able to do my life's work with ease and grace rather than forcing things all the time. This is much more in alignment with who I am in my essence and it feels fantastic!

With the guidance and gentle coaching I received, I have new tools that have helped me return to joy in my work and navigate through my life in an empowering, yet feminine, way. 

This work is the real deal for transformation and returning to your true self. It's been a game-changer!

Joy Cherry
Non-Profit Executive


 What You get:

Pre-Retreat Circle Preparation

January 30, 2020: Setting intention for Sacred Pilgrimage
February, 13, 2020: Preparing Our Energy System for An Upgrade
February 27, 2020: Practical Preparations & Soulful Meditation

12-Day Deep Dive Retreat in Egypt (March 6 - March 17)

Sacred Circle work with Rima, Tj and Doaa
7 Sacred Initiation Ceremonies & Rituals Throughout the Journey
(7 Gates, 7 Gifts, 7 Goals)
7 Day Nile River Cruise on board our Private Sailing Yacht (Dahabeya) with Private Chef
5 Nights single occupancy accommodation in Five-Star or Best in Region Hotel (unless registering as a couple or pair)
All in-country travel including airfare and coach transportation
All meals and drinks from Welcome Circle through day of departure
All Tickets and Entry Fees for Temples and Cairo Attractions
Private Tour of Philae Temple
Private Visit to rarely seen Sekhmet Temple
Private Teaching Circle with Gamal Abdula at his Essential Oil Shop
90-Minute Private LEAP Awakening Session

Post-Retreat Circle Integration

April 2, 2020: Soft Landings & Group Coaching
April, 16, 2020: Staying the Course & Group Coaching
April 30, 2020: Creating Your Future & Group Coaching

Singe Occupancy: $7777
Register with a friend / partner for double occupancy $6777
(A deposit of $1000 will hold your place)
Several trade/scholarship spots are available for those who feel called to attend and may need financial help.
Please apply ASAP to learn more.

Please note the following items are not included:
Airfare to Egypt (although we can support you in booking your flights)
Entry Visa if Needed ($25 from USA)
Service Tips $250 (we collect this upfront on the first day and do all the tipping for you!)

Are you ready to harness the mystery and magic of Egypt and carry out your Mission?

If you are a full-bodied YES!
you are invited to apply to join us on this journey. 
Click the link below to fill out the application form.
Once your application has been received, we will set up a phone conversation with you to answer any questions you have and to make sure the trip is a good fit for you, and you are a good fit for the circle.
Space is limited to just 12 participants and we will be sold out soon.
If you know you are supposed to be on this voyage, we encourage you to submit your application today.
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Q: What if I have to cancel?
A: Please note that $750 of your deposit is non-refundable. If you cancel before the end of December 2019, you will be eligible for a refund of anything above $750 you have paid minus a $500 cancelation fee. That fee covers non-refundable airline tickets for our in country flights that will be purchased in your name when you register. There will be no refunds available after the beginning of the course in January of 2020. Although you may transfer your place to another woman upon approval. PLEASE PURCHASE TRIP INSURANCE to cover your investment in the case of an emergency.

Q: Do I need any shots?
A: You should speak to your doctor about this. I have not gotten any shots for international travel myself and I travel frequently to Mexico, Thailand, Egypt and Canada.

Q: Is my airfare included?
A: Airfare from your home country to Cairo is not included. There are two flights within Egypt that are included, as is all in-country transportation including the 7 days on our private yacht.

Q: Do I need a Passport
A: Yes - we will need your passport number as soon as you register so we can book your in-country air travel. Your passport must be valid through September 2020.

Q: What should I pack?
A: I will provide you with FULL DETAILS of how to prepare and pack 4 weeks before the trip.