Our Story

Like many others, 2016 was a heck of a year for us. We each walked through intense initiations. From the loss of loved ones to chronic illness, we came face-to-face with the kind of grief and heartbreak that can either break a sister or propel her forward into a new life experience. We were lucky; we had made the commitment at the beginning of the year to sit in sacred circle with a group of amazing women all dedicated to bringing forth the deepest expression of the Divine Feminine in our lives.

School Faculty: Rima Bonario, Laura Wolf & Robin Rose Murphy
School Faculty: Rima Bonario, Laura Wolf & Robin Rose Murphy

And because of  this powerful and sacred container, we not only survived 2016, with all its personal and political disappointments, we took a QUANTUM LEAP forward in our personal and professional lives.

The transformation was beyond anything we could have ever imagined at the start of the year. It was so profound, that we felt COMPELLED to share this precious gift with a small circle of up to 12 women that also desire to turn heartbreak into healing, challenge in change, and pain in POWER!

If our story is your story, we are glad you found us and we have found you. Take a moment to learn a bit about who we are what what we are offering for 2017 and whether it's calling you forward toward your QUANTUM LEAP.

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Welcome Sisters!

Get ready to radically change the way you work and love
so that you can:

Live in a more relaxed and joyful way
Experience deep relief as you make the shift from frustration to freedom
Discover and unleash your untapped feminine potential
Experience relaxed confidence as you shift from stress to sovereignty
Serve as Priestess to yourself, your family, your clients, your community
Live from deep trust in yourself and the Source within you
Experience true pleasure as you shift from resisting to receiving

We are calling into this circle 12 committed women whose eyes are open and whose hearts are ready to shift:
from control to Contentment!
from stress to Sovereignty!
from frustration to Freedom!
from resisting to Receiving!

The enrollment portal is open. Claim your spot in the circle.


The feminine principle of creation has everything to do with SOFTENING, OPENING and RECEIVING.

Think of procreation for a moment.  The masculine's biological job is to penetrate and plant the seed in the feminine. The feminine's job is to open and receive the seed. Then the magic happens!


If you are seeing the signs of breakdown within yourself and in the world around you, if you are tired of DO-ing too much and feeling stressed out and overwhelmed too much of the time, if you know in your bones that we are living in an historic time and witnessing the ending of an era, if you have noticed that the old ways are no longer working for you and those you love - this is the right place for you.

If you are ready to experience a NEW, more feminine form of POWER that nourishes the Soul and offers a PRACTICAL approach to creating a life and world that honors and serves all life on earth - you are the right woman for us.

If your heart and soul are yearning for a potent practice with the potential to
awaken and anchor the power of the Divine Feminine in you,
we invite you to join us for the 2017 School of the Rising Phoenix.

The Rise of the Feminine

Did you know that the feminine process of creation and manifestation works in a profoundly different way than the masculine way of creating and manifesting? 

The masculine way of manifesting involves structure, action and discipline, having a plan and sticking to it. Often it means showing up and powering through whether that is truly the best thing for your body or not.

We live in an extremely masculine culture - particularly here in the United States. Our American narrative has been telling us for hundreds of years: If you work hard, you can accomplish anything. If don't work hard, you are lazy and undeserving." Many of us have internalized that message as an Inner Slave Driver living in our heads, constantly telling us that we are not DO-ing enough.

There is nothing "wrong" with the masculine way of doing things. The masculine approach can seriously get a lot done! It's just that our culture operates almost entirely from that mindset, which puts all of us into a state of adrenaline-driven imbalance.

The feminine body is literally not designed to be DO-ing and GIVING all the time. That constant out put of energy drains and exhausts women and then we shut down and become brittle, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, sick, resentful or "bitchy." It takes a toll on our sex drive, too.

We can't receive abundance or intimate connection when we are living in that constant output of energy.

Laura Wolf’s story:

Five years ago, I was living the full on masculine approach to life - working constantly to grow my shamanic business, raising a child and running on adrenaline. I was exhausted most of the time, everything felt like a struggle, I got sick every couple of months (my body's way of trying to get me to slow down) and my sex drive was seriously waning.


My naturopath looked at my bloodwork and said, "You're burnt out. You've been running on adrenaline for too long and it's ravaging your body."

Over the last five years I have completely changed how I do life. I learned, gradually, how to live and manifest from feminine principles. I can tell you from my own journey that this is a far easier and much more enjoyable way to live!

I'm not tired all the time anymore. I work way less and have a lot more time for walks in the woods, meditation and self-reflection.  I've rarely been sick the past few years. My libido came back! Most of all, I open to receive and trust the Universe to take care of me.

There is another way

As women learn how to slow down, soften into our feminine bodies, relax and open, we begin to live in the natural flow of our own rhythms.  In this open, relaxed, receptive state, we discover different desires - generally more soulful desires, less ego-driven.  And we begin to manifest and co-create with the Universe with far more grace and ease.

Rima Bonario's Story

Even as a young girl I can remember feeling responsible for the health and well-being of those around me. It was as if I had been conferred with some magical power to keep the family together and if I looked away, something terrible would happen. As a wife and mother that old story helped me to create a strong home for my own family, but at much too high a cost.


Not only was this Herculean effort of giving, controlling, and over-doing exhausting me, it was cutting me off from my feminine self and my ability to receive. Over time it also caused great harm to my husband.

My husband had been dealing with a variety of dental and orthodontic issues that seemed to grow worse each year. Finally, after years of suffering he was diagnosed with a rare nerve condition. Despite this man's extraordinary tolerance for pain, it got to the point that he put the suicide prevention hotline number in his phone.

In a panic, I called up my super-responsible-super-powers and became determined to make everything better. I researched options. I found doctors. I booked trips to healing centers, all with mixed results. I couldn't see it at the time, but by taking control of the situation to try to feel some sense of safety, I had effectively stolen my husband's power. 

Coming to terms with this was painful but also liberating. I made the decision to step back and let him take the lead. The results were swift and immediate. The constant power-struggles stopped. The amount of stress and tension in the relationship dropped dramatically. We became more at ease and happier with each other. My personal and professional creativity exploded. And my ability to care for myself shot through the roof. As a result I was able to offer support in a way that nourished rather than damaged my relationship.

So how do we make the shift away from so much DO-ing and towards a more open, receptive state?  First of all, it requires surrounding yourself with women who are also making that shift. The cultural pressure from friends, partners, bosses, family, the media (and the voices in our own heads) to keep doing life the old way, working HARD, DO-ing all the time, GIVING all the time, is so immense that it's darn near impossible to make this kind of shift on your own.

That's exactly why we created the 2017 School of the Rising Phoenix -- a year-long journey that will awaken and anchor in your feminine forms of power. Using the Goddesses of Inanna and Kali along with the archetypes of The Queen and The Priestess as guides, we will drop into the deep mystery and potent practices of the feminine way.


Lightwork & Shadow Play – The Descent of Inanna

With Inanna as guide dive deeply into the underworld and release layer after layer of the false self so that you can:

  • Truly let go of everything that is no longer working
  • Free up time and energy to live in a more relaxed and joyful way
  • Stop measuring yourself against societal ideals of what success “should” look like so you can open up the space to live from your own values
  • Find your SoulSelf and commit to fully embodying Her power & purpose
  • Experience deep relief as you make the shift from frustration to freedom

The Way of the Warrior Woman – The Challenge of Kali

With Kali as guide turn tenderly and with fierce compassion towards yourself so that you can:

  • Stay exquisitely present no matter what is arising within or around you
  • Stop resisting or avoiding any parts of yourself
  • Offer unconditional love to yourself in every moment
  • Embrace the full Light and Dark spectrum of your sacred wholeness
  • Experience sweet connection as you shift from control to contentment

Creating a Sovereign Life – The Rise of the Queen

With Queen as guide, explore self-sovereignty and ascend to the throne of your being and reign over your inner and outer lands so that you can:

  • Live free from external authority and craft a life of choice
  • Soften into far more grace, ease, and flow in your daily life
  • Up-level your relationships with your loved ones
  • Increase your capacity to hold and wield your sacred power
  • Explore and establish strong personal and energetic boundaries
  • Experience relaxed confidence as you shift from stress to sovereignty

The Path of Practical Magic – The Life of the Priestess

With the archetype of the Priestess as our guide, we will activate the capacity to live life by magic, so that you can:

  • Experience the freedom and spaciousness that comes with embracing the Yin/Yang, Both/And, Dark/Light nature of life on Earth
  • Serve as Priestess to yourself, your family, your clients, your community
  • Live from deep trust in yourself and the Source within you
  • Discover and unleash your untapped feminine potential
  • Experience true pleasure as you shift from resisting to receiving

These powerful archetypes will be explored in four full-day Power-Retreats!

These retreats will take place in a beautiful rustic lodge located in a wooded setting on the gorgeous Unity Village Campus just north of Lee's Summit, MO. Throughout the year you will have the opportunity to take walks on the secluded nature trails, we will enjoy the famous fountains and rose garden, and we will walk the powerful labyrinth.


This program will super-charge your Soul Purpose and Passion for Life

The program allows you to select the level of participation that perfectly meets your needs. Options include:

  • Attend four full-day POWER RETREATS packed with deep mystery and magic.
  • Experience the fierce power of SISTERHOOD in circle, on calls, and with potent monthly practices in Sister-Pairs.
  • Learn the SOUL MEDICINE and SOUL MAGIC that have brought forth radical personal and professional transformation.
  • Benefit from SIX PRIVATE COACHING CALLS with School of the Rising Phoenix faculty.
  • Select a PERSONAL MENTOR to work with for the year.

Meet The Faculty

Laura Wolf


Laura Wolf is an evolutionary change agent dedicated to creating a world in which we are all living our passionate purpose. Transformational life coach, founder of Shaman's Heart Sanctuary, Master Facilitator of the Shamanic Breathwork Process and creator of Shakti Yoga, Laura helps clients to unlock fear, access deep self-compassion, claim their power, identify their passionate purpose and give their unique gifts to the world.

Laura holds an MA in Shamanic Intuitional Practices and a D. Min. in Shamanic Psycho-Spiritual Studies from Venus Rising University, and a BFA in Theatre from Roosevelt University.

Rima Bonario


Rima Bonario, Th.D., is an author, workshop leader, soul coach, and wild heart healer who facilitates potent processes and soulful healing practices that bring about a reconnection to our inherent sacred wholeness.

Rima earned her doctorate in Transformational Psychology from Holos University Graduate Seminary. She has more than 20 years of group facilitation experience and is well-known in the New Thought community as an insightful author, engaging speaker, circle leader, and workshop facilitator. She is also the co-creator of the 21-day Q Process shadow work practice.

Robin Rose Murphy


Robin is a teacher and priestess performing weddings, rites of passage, end of life celebrations, large and small group ceremony, seasonal celebrations, classes, workshops and intensives across the U.S. Robin has staffed Diana's Grove Mystery School, Heartland Spiritual Alliance, Cherry Hill Seminary and The Fires of Venus Community.

Robin holds a Masters Degree in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in theatre and has published pieces in anthologies, collections, newspapers, magazines, and professional journals. Her latest work was published in 2016 in Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It anthology.

So if you are ready to SHIFT

from control to Contentment!
from stress to Sovereignty!
from frustration to Freedom!
from resisting to Receiving!

Claim your spot in the circle.
The enrollment portal is open.

Choose the best option for you!

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Enrollment is closed for now



Enrollment is closed for now.

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Enrollment is closed for now.

We are fortunate to have some partial scholarships funds available to women who may need them.
Please contact me directly to inquire about financial support 832 651 7857

Schedule at a Glance

Power Retreats (4)

Inanna: Saturday, March 4
Kali: Saturday, June 17
The Queen: Saturday, September 9
The Priestess: Saturday, December 2

Held at Unity Village.

Medicine & Magic Calls (7)

Wed., Feb 8 - Opening Call
Wed. April 12 - Soul Medicine Call #1
Wed., May 10 - Soul Magic Call #1
Wed. , July 12 - Soul Medicine Call #2
Wed., Aug.t 16 - Soul Magic Call #2
Wed. Oct. 9 - Soul Medicine Call #3
Wed., Nov. 13 - Soul Magic Call #3

Sister-Pairs Practices (11)

Scheduled at your convenience

Coaching (6)  & Mentoring (11)

Scheduled at your convenience

Click to DOWNLOAD the full schedule.

If you are feeling the tug in your soul to participate, please don't hesitate.

The Feminine is on the move!

According to the Chinese calendar, this Saturday we exit the year of the Fire Monkey, whose themes were: "let go or be dragged" and "expect the unexpected" and boy did we ever get that!  And we are entering the year of the Fire Rooster (essentially the Chinese Phoenix). It's also a Yin year which means everything is poised to support the rising tide of Feminine Power. We have already seen some of it in the success of the Women's Marches!

(Photo used under the Creative Commons agreement.
Credit: Mary Madigan from Highland Park, NJ and Santa Fe, NM, USA)

The Dali Lama has said that the world will be saved by the Western woman. But we are not talking about saving the world in the old way like Super Woman. We’ve all been there, tried that, and got the t-shirt, right?

We are inviting you to join us, and millions of other women around the world who are waking up to our creative feminine power in new ways. The world needs us. We all know this in our bones. But in order to truly serve, we need to be resilient, not spent. We need to know how to work with, rather than against, our own feminine nature. We need to stand in our power as Sovereign Queens and to allow the immense creativity of Source to flow through us as we Priestess our people towards greater balance and honoring of all of life on our precious planet.

Huffington Post:

“As we awaken from the repressions of the patriarchy we need to reclaim the sacred feminine both for our individual spirituality and for the well being of the planet. Our ecological devastation points to a culture that has forgotten the sacredness of the earth and the divine mother, as well as denied the feminine’s deep understanding of the wholeness and interconnectedness of all of life. And our individual life, so often caught in addictions and starved of real meaning, has a hunger to reconnect with the soul, which has always had a feminine quality.”

Enrollment is closed for now.