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I am pleased to be a contributing author with Flower of Life Press and the amazing Feminine Evolutionary book series they have created. I am a featured author in the following books:


Let’s face it, we all want more of the good stuff in our lives…success in our work, loving relationships, and enough money to meet our needs. It seems so simple...However, creating prosperity requires an awareness of your belief system and the release of those beliefs that no longer serve you.

Pioneering the Path to Prosperity: Discover the Power of True Wealth and Abundance brings together twenty-five leaders who share their raw, vulnerable, and powerful wisdom on manifesting, the energetics of prosperity, abundance consciousness, and strategies and tools for shifting your relationship with money. It’s time to become aware, unlearn your out-dated beliefs, reprogram for success, and move forward.

Whether you read a chapter, devour the book cover-to-cover, or use it as a daily divination tool...this book will light the way you as you travel forward on your path of prosperity.

BodyWisdom cover

Say YES to Body Liberation. Your body is your temple—the Sacred home that carries you through your life journey... the only one you have this time around, right? Yet, we often spend life fighting the body, abusing it, and hating ourselves for being seen inside a skin that isn’t perfect—sculpted of muscles and fat in just the right proportion, gender correct, smelling nice, no wrinkles, no rolls, no frizz...and on and on. You may know this torture chamber of negative self-talk. And if so, only YOU can stop the war with your body!

Flower of Life Press proudly presents Sacred Body Wisdom: Igniting the Flame of Our Divine Humanity—a powerful collection of the voices of change, featuring authors Rochelle Schieck, Zahava Griss, Lettie Sullivan, and Rima Bonario.

By making peace with your body and treating it with unconditional love and respect, you will discover the heart of your own Sacred Body Wisdom.

Set Sail Book Cover

Set Sail into the vast expanse of your power. What happens when you embrace your freedom and embark on your greatest journey? Imagine you, setting sail on a great adventure—the chance of a lifetime! Exciting and scary all at once, like a remembrance from the past and an urging from the future whispering,“Yes...step forward...now is the time to let go of the baggage and cut the ropes! Your future is up to you...” Sister, it's time to declare your “Yes!” so you can Set Sail into your purpose and Legacy.

"Set Sail: Shine Your Radiance, Activate Your Ascension, Ignite Your Income, Live Your Legacy" features 18 feminine leaders as they share their own vulnerable stories of challenge and success—moments of transformation that resonate with the essence of feminine power and sacred connection. The fifth book will activate and catalyze you while offering the inspiration and ignition you need to elevate your vibration, change your life, and make an impact!

Pioneering the Path to Prosperity Collection

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Sacred Body Wisdom Collection

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Set Sail & Shine Collection

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Bloom Fine Egyptian Oils

Sacred oils imported from Egypt to support your journey of unfolding.

These exquisite oils support the opening and balancing of the Chakras

These oils have been mixed especially for use directly on the skin. When combined with the properties of the matching gemstone roller balls the potency of the oils is magnified. Begin by using the Root Chakra oil for 7 days. Repeat until you feel ready to add the next oil working up to using all seven oils each day. You may also rotate the oils changing from one oil to the next each day for 7 days. Muscle testing or using your intuition may help you to determine how many oils to use on which days to work on the issues you wish to address. 

Each 10 ML bottle is topped with an authentic semi-precious gemstone rollerball. No more plastic!

The gemstones make the oils feel exquisite as they roll smoothly onto the skin. Apply the oils directly on each Chakra, or on the wrists or neck. If you find any of the aromas unpleasant, you are likely under or over-expressed in that Chakra. You may prefer to use that oil on the bottoms of your feet at night to help you rebalance and come into resonance with that Chakra. It may take days, weeks or months, but eventually the smell will shift for you. You may also remove the ball top and dilute a few drops in water in your favorite diffuser or add a few drops to your bath water.

There's nothing more powerful than the feeling of having your chakras aligned and balanced.

bottles nbox

Choose  your Set

7 Sacred Oils + Divine Feminine Oil
Choose the set with the Arabian Nights Blend

This luscious smelling blend of flowers, spices and vanilla will activate and enhance the deep receptivity and openness of the Goddess within. Apply it regularly and the exotic oil will help you unleash your Shakti (Divine Feminine Energy) creating a more vibrant and alive experience of the feminine energy stored within the body.

Regular Price: $320 - YOUR PRICE JUST $247

7 Sacred Oils + Divine Masculine Oil
Choose the set with the Secrets of the Desert Blend

This fresh and clean scent has hints of citrus and spice that will activate and enhance the action and motivation of the God within. This oil is perfect is you are seeking to bring forward a more active, doing energy in your life as it is known to intensify the masculine energies stored in the body.

Regular Price: $320 - YOUR PRICE JUST $247

The set comes with the 7 Body Chakra oils plus your choice of an 8th oil (see below)

Root/Base Chakra: Red Amber Oil & Red Jasper Roller Ball
Sacral Chakra: Musk Oil & Carnelian Roller Ball
Solar Plexus Chakra: Jasmine Oil & Tiger's Eye Roller Ball
Heart Chakra: Rose Oil & Rose Quartz Roller Ball
Throat Chakra: Amber Kashmere & Sodalite Roller Ball
Third Eye Chakra: Sandalwood Oil & Lapis Roller Ball
Crown Chakra: Blue Lotus Oil & Amethyst Roller Ball


Make four monthly payments of $66 each
Includes shipping & handling and processing fees.
Choose the Divine Feminine or Masculine Oil