Burned out, fed up, run down,
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Learn how radically shift the way you live and work so that you can
with more than enough money, love, time, and pleasure!

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Making a Life You Love...

Trying to meet all the demands of work-life and home-life can be totally overwhelming at times. Whether you are a high octane superwoman running yourself ragged or deeply downshifted and stuck in a rut, you are likely reading this because you want something more out of life.

If you are like most women, you sometimes struggle with feeling inadequate and/or unsatisfied despite all your efforts to create a successful, healthy, and happy life. No one talks about the toll it takes on us to keep all the balls in the air. We sacrifice sleep. We postpone our dreams. We ignore our needs. We work ourselves harder and longer than is healthy. And it never seems to be enough.

In the 21-century, many women have become unwitting members of The Not-Enough Club:

  • Not enough ENERGY to complete the never-ending task-list
  • Not enough TIME to tend to what’s really important
  • Not enough SUPPORT to allow the moments of rest you deserve
  • Not enough MONEY to cover the growing cost of living
  • Not enough LOVE to meet the deep longing in your heart
  • Not enough FREEDOM to create the life of your dreams…

I used to be a card carrying member of the Not-Enough Club. As a wife, mother, and entrepreneur with three businesses to run, I was constantly on the go. After years of pushing myself to succeed, I had the kind of life that looked like a dream for the outside: A loving husband, a beautiful daughter, a lovely home, and meaningful work.

But there seemed to be something inexplicable between me and my joy, and despite investing thousands of dollars in business trainings, self-help books, personal development workshops, or goddess retreats none made a lasting difference. Each and every gain I made eventually faded and I found myself right back where I started – feeling like there was simply not enough time, money, love, etc. Eventually, I began to believe the problem was ME and that I must not be enough.

It wasn’t until I learned that the lifestyle we have inherited as modern women is ENERGY NET-NEGATIVE that it all began to make sense to me.

We’ve landed in The Not-Enough Club through no fault of our own.

We were told that we can do it all and have it all – and we can. But, we’ve been trained to get it in a way that drains rather than fills our energy reserves. The quest for success has us operating in a way that runs counter to what works for us as women: for our body, our heart, and even our soul. We are paying a huge cost to be part of this club which we never intended to join. Some indications you are in the club include:

  • You may feel constantly driven, operating at high speeds on an empty tank
  • You may feel frazzled or frustrated, overworking and overdoing
  • You may feel drained, cranky, or irritable – and not in the mood for lovin’
  • You may feel tired and run-down – perhaps even facing significant health challenges
  • You may feel overwhelmed, undervalued, and unappreciated
  • You may feel shut down, numbed out, or disengaged
  • You may feel hopeless, trapped, or just plain STUCK

Whatever it is you may feel, you know one thing for sure: SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE.

Perhaps you too have lived your whole life unaware that you have within your body a limitless source of energy and power, and relied instead on force of will to keep you going. There is another way.

I am so grateful to have learned how to tap into a natural form of feminine energy that is designed specifically for a woman’s body. This form of energy is every woman’s birthright. And it’s a game changer.


I can teach you how to access and utilize this potent source of untapped feminine energy so that you can live and work in a deeply soul-satisfying way.

By using your unique and unlimited feminine energy you can reorient your life so that you have more time to focus on what matters to you, more harmony in your relationships, more meaning in your work, more pleasure in your body, and more joy and delight in your life.

There is enough! You are enough! I promise.

Here are just a few of the ways this work has changed my life:

  • I have more energy and vitality
  • I feel comfortable in my own skin
  • I have more time to do the things I love to do
  • I am happily taking better care of myself
  • I have more pleasure and delight in my life
  • I am in love with my body - seriously!
  • I have more loving relationships
  • I am on purpose and able to manifest more easily

I now know that being a successful working woman and loving mom/wife doesn’t have to be so exhausting. I am on a mission to help other women create the life they dream of as well.

But there are three hidden problems that stand in the way of breaking free from the Not-Enough Club and making the change to a more feminine, satisfying way of being:


Problem #1: You have been trained to work like a man

We live in a world energetically more suited to men so most women have been trained to operate energetically like men. And you have probably gotten pretty far in your career by mimicking masculine power patterns. But your energy system is unsuited to this, and you simply cannot be a more powerful man than the men. You can, however, be a more powerful woman!


Problem #2: You don’t have the help you need to slow down

If you are a high achieving woman, you may be unknowingly closed energetically to receiving help, which is why you may sometime refuse, shrug off, or criticize the help you get. The truth is that most women don’t get the support they desperately want because they simply do not know how to be completely open to and fully receive the help that is available.


Problem #3: You Don't Know How to Stop Doing

This is not your fault. As a woman you have a heart made for doing. Yet it's problematic if you don't also tend to yourself or accurately measure how much you really have to give. This leads to over-giving, and before you know it, resentment, criticism, contempt, and defensiveness threaten to poison your thoughts and wreak havoc on your love.

Don’t wait another moment to course correct.
Attend the Art & Science of Being a Satisfied Woman Workshop and

discover how to TURN ON & POWER UP your unique Feminine Energy System

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The Journey Awaits!

The weekend begins on Friday, evening at 6:00 p.m. and concludes on Sunday afternoon at 4:00 p.m.

You will experience five distinct learning sessions during which you will get practical, hands-on tools to help you unleash the potent pool of feminine energy that is your natural state.

Plus, we will practice and experience the shift to Feminine Presence through a variety of fun and engaging exercises. Each session offers you something you can take home and put into effect immediately!

Retreat Program Details

Friday Night: 6 – 9 p.m. - Opening Session: Dream Weaving
In this session you will:
  • Discover your unique intention using the Dream Weavers Map so that you get clear on the life you desire
  • Amplify your unique intention by participating in a powerful ceremony so that your desired life will be seeking you as you seek it
Saturday Morning: 9 – Noon - The Science of Self-Care
In this session you will:
  • Learn and practice the science of self-care through the SelfSET Technique, a proven set of 5 simple yet potent practices, that will help you build re-boot and upgrade your energy system so that your natural energy and vitality will return 
Saturday Afternoon: 2 – 6 p.m.  The Sacred Energy of Relationships
In this session you will:
  • Learn the mind-blowing Relationship Energy Dynamic that demystifies male-female relationships so that you can create greater harmony and joy in your relationships with men at home and work
  • Tap into the source of feminine energy in your body using the Two-Step Feminine Presence Technique so that you can super-charge your energy levels and feel the exquisite joy and pleasure of being an embodied woman
Sunday Morning: 9 - Noon - The Art of Self-Sovereignty
In this session you will:
  • Explore the Five Fundamentals of the Art of Self-Sovereignty and uncover your blocks to living a satisfying life, and use it to clear the blocks you find, re-aligning yourself so you can let go of everything that drains or depletes your life force energy
  • Practice using the Three-Step Self-Sovereignty System that will ensure you stay in alignment with yourself so that you can avoid saying yes when you mean no or no when you mean yes
Sunday Afternoon: 1 – 4 p.m. Closing Session: The Art & Science of Being a Satisfied Woman
In this session you will:
  • Develop a Self-Sovereignty Mantra and use the Satisfied Woman Template to design your unique practice so that you can easily and gracefully use the tools and techniques you learned over the weekend
  • Participate in the powerful Self-Sovereignty Ceremony in which you will accept the rights and responsibilities of owning your birthright to be a Satisfied Woman


Bonus #1: Receive access to Rima's online course: 7 Truths Every Woman Should Know
Bonus #2: Receive recorded instructions for the practices from the weekend to help you practice at home.
Bonus #3: Receive a private 30-minute post-retreat coaching session to answer your questions and meet your unique needs.

Are you ready to create a deeply soul-satisfying experience of life? If your answer is yes, choose your payment option below and give yourself  the gift of unleashing your body’s innate feminine energy.


The shift that Rima has made is the most beautiful transformation I have ever seen in a woman.  She is a radiant, loving, inviting, supportive feminine energy and I feel deeply nourished whenever I am around her.  If you’re tired of the old ways of constantly doing, striving, and pushing yourself to achieve, Rima can help you shift into creating from your true feminine power.
Laura Wolf, Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator & Coach


The work I did with Rima was some of the most powerful I’ve ever done. She is so versatile and connected that you always feel safe. Rima is immensely gifted and bringing just what you need. She’s powerful, smart, funny, and encouraging. You’ll love her!
Rev. Elizabeth Mora


Rima's teachings invite and empower me to make conscious choices to live fully, regardless of the circumstances. She is an amazing teacher and coach. She integrates deep empathy and acceptance with insight, skills and a wide breadth of knowledge to nurture your growth. If you're ready to transform your life, invest in this opportunity. Go for it!
Susie Weller, Author of Why Don’t You Understand?

Being driven to succeed, working hard, be assertive, proving myself… All these things led to burnout, exhaustion and frustration in my work and in my body. I had to learn a different way. Entering this feminine Temple with Rima, I learned a new way. I now practice the feminine energy of receiving, allowing, and holding space. This is much more in alignment with who I am in my essence and it feels fantastic! I am practicing the nourishing, nurturing feminine way of being and allowing this new way to give me what I want in life.  With Rima's guidance and gentle coaching, I have new tools that have helped me return to joy in my work and navigate through my life in an empowering, yet feminine, way. Rima is the real deal for transformation and returning to your true self. Working with her is a game-changer!
Joy Cherry, Executive

Rima brings a wonderful mix of research, theory, spirituality, technique, wisdom, authenticity, and heartful compassion to her work. She walks her talk and is also very generous. Casey McAnn

Rima is forever embedded in my heart as a humble model of love, acceptance, and non-resistance. Thank you, Rima, from the depths of my being for embodying this powerful work. THANK YOU!” Michele C.

When I worked with Rima, I felt safe and deep trust. Thank you, Rima, for welcoming all parts of me to show up. It was a spectacular day, and I just know something magical has happened in me.” Jan G.

The Art & Science of Being a Satisfied Woman Retreat
Friday from 6 – 9 p.m.
Saturday from 9 – 6 p.m.
Sunday from 9 – 4 p.m
2018 Dates TBD
Registration: $1225 (or 3 payments of $450)
Includes workshop booklet and a delicious, healthy lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Join the mailing list below to be the first to hear when new dates are scheduled for 2018.

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Money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your experience of the workshop, you may request a refund within 7 days and I will refund you the full registration amount.


I am so excited to do this work with you. I honestly think there is nothing more needed at this time on the planet than another woman who’s learned to access her natural feminine energy and embody her unique and healing Feminine Presence.

Will you be the next one? I hope so!
Much Love,


I am coming in from out of town, where will I stay?

Very nice reasonably priced rooms are available in the area. There are several rooms held under my name at the Unity Village Hotel and Conference Center just a short walk from the Clubhouse. Or choose the Hampton Inn, just two miles away. Or the Holiday Inn & Suites also just two miles away.

Do I need to stay overnight if I am local?

You do not need to spend the night if you live in the Kansas City Area, but I encourage you to consider giving yourself a weekend away at beautiful Unity Village if possible. Also, please make note that we will end at 9 p.m. on Friday evening and plan accordingly for your drive time.

Is this workshop only for women in a relationship or can single women come?

Yes! Women in any relationship status are welcome. These tools and techniques apply to family and friends as well as spouses and lovers. And if you are seeking a new partner, you will be better able to manifest a healthy, loving, and passionate partner with these tools.

I am not a mother, but I want access to my feminine energy. Can I attend?

Yes! Mothering is just one way we get out of balance in our lives. We will be talking about restoring balance in all areas of our lives and you will find your own unique path to restoring balance for you.

I see you talk a lot about male-female relationships. Is this workshop for LGBT women as well?

Since this workshop is focused on male-female relationships it is not ideal for LGBT women. The language and examples will be primarily focused on the male-female energy dynamic.

I am already a girly girl / I don’t consider myself very feminine, is this for me too?

Yes! Accessing feminine energy is not about looking a particular way, it is about the underlying way we inhabit our bodies. This is not about conforming to man-made societal standards "femininity," this is about unleashing the deep archetypal pattern of Feminine Presence that we innately have access to as women.